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Below are some questions and answers which we often deal with. If you have a question that is not covered here, please contact us.

For vehicles used in the UK there are generally 2 standard lengths of weighbridge required, 9 metres to cover 8 wheelers and tipper wagons and 16 metres for up to and including articulated lorries. Abnormally long vehicles such as those with trombone trailers will require longer at 18m. Each weighbridge is supplied with a 3 metres wide drive on area, however, for quarry vehicles and wider tractors 4 metres wide is usually required.

Yes, our weighbridges can be installed on an end-to-end slope, with no cross fall, of up to 4% i.e. 600mm (2′) over a 16 metre length.

A surface mounted weighbridge is easily kept clean, relatively inexpensive to maintain and repair and only requires simple foundations for installation.

Trading Standards have to be informed of any weighbridge installation that is approved for trade use purposes and can visit any site for a spot check, at any time, without prior warning. If their test shows that your weighbridge calibration is out of tolerance or your certificate is out of date they will condemn the weighbridge until it is recalibrated correctly. This means they will stop your ability to weigh product which, in most cases, means you can no longer trade. They may also impose a heavy fine.

There is no longer a legal expiry limit for a calibration certificate, however, our past experience tells us that is would be wise to check the calibration every 12 months. You can book this every 12 months or alternatively look at getting a service and maintenance contract in place to keep your Weighbridge in top working order.

A Weighbridge system can be as simple or as complex as required. Ranging from a single-touch and print operation to a fully engaged software package or NFC driver operated terminals. Most systems can be tailored to your exact requirements.

As a rule of thumb the best material for installation of a weighbridge is a flat, concrete base. Weighbridges can be installed on compacted tarmac or hardcore surfaces but there is no guarantee that the structure won't sink over a period of time.

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