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Weighbridge Services Ltd offers a full turnkey installation from ground preparation to setup and testing of the weighbridge system. Our in-house experts in civil works and construction can provide all the necessary advice on how to best site your weighbridge wether it be on the surface or mounted into a pit.


The list below shows some of our most recent weighbridge turnkey projects


All our civil engineering is managed by our in-house experts. Where possible we do not use contractors, therefore, we can achieve the highest standards of weighbridge foundation requirements.






Yorwaste Ltd (Halton East)

Yorwaste Ltd in Skipton purchased a surface mounted, drive on/reverse off weighbridge installed which required new concrete foundations to correctly sit the weighbridge structure and eliminating sinking and ground failure from the area being correctly compacted. The foundation construction we provided also included a concrete access ramp built up to the weighbridge. 

Weighbridge installation Yorwaste





Linwood Crops

Linwood Crops required a complete, pit mounted weighing system to weigh the potatoes that distribute around the UK. The pit foundation work was carried out over a two-week schedule. 

Weighbridge Installation Linwood Crops    Pit Weighbridge Installation Linwood Crops 
Linwood Crops installation weighbridge pit    concrete pit installation Linwood Crops 

concrete pit Linwood Crops    pit weighbridge installation at Linwood Crops




AWM Potatoes

This turnkey project was ordered by AWM Potatoes in Essex due to recommendation made by Linwood Crops. The project included a surface mounted, drive on/drive off weighbridge.  The customer required a 3 pad foundation for a 16m weighbridge with concrete pads to site a pole for the intercom system we provided, at either end of the weighbridge.

Once the weighbridge was in place the customer then asked us to also provide the civil work for the completion of the site. This involved placing 60m of concrete access roadway up to and away from the weighbridge area and then finished off with a car park area to one side of the weighbridge.

This project was a little over three weeks to completion.


         AWM Potatoes weighbridge location     AWM Potatoes surface mounted weighbridge

         weighbridge installation at AWM Potatoes     AWM Potatoes weighbridge installation

         AWM Potatoes completed weighbridge installation


For a quotation for your full turnkey package Contact Us with your enquiry. Our in-house civil engineering team will get back to you as soon as possible.




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