Calibration Testing & Verification



 "My weighbridge is working fine, why should I have it tested?"

Although your weighbridge is working it doesn't necessarily mean it’s weighing correctly. A weighbridge could be weighing heavy or light without any visible warning meaning you could be losing thousands of pounds without even knowing.



"How can weighbridge calibration affect my business?"

  • You sell a high value product at £3.50 per kg.
  • Your weighbridge is weighing 20kg light.
  • For every 1 tonne of product you sell you are giving away £70.00 of FREE product!!!
  • Now....imagine doing this 10 times a day......for a year.  



"What can happen if my weighbridge needs a calibration?"

Trading Standards are legally entitled to test any weighbridge without prior warning to yourselves. If their test shows your weighbridge calibration is out of date or the weighbridge is weighing out of their legal tolerance, they could:

  • Impose a fine
  • Issue a warning to have the weighbridge re-tested within a certian time limit

 Ignorance is not an excuse and definitely not worth the risk


"How can this be prevented?"

Weighbridge Services provide 2 options:

  • Annual Calibration only Contract - Yearly provision of a test unit to check the weighbridge is weighing correctly.
  • Annual Fully inclusive Service and Maintenance Contracts - Calibration as well as cover for labour and replacements parts on any faulty equipment. 

We offer an easy, monthly payment schedule and even direct debit options.



"We want to start trading. How do we do this?"

We can also provide OIML Trade Use Verification* allowing you to buy and sell, based on your weights, safely and with peace of mind that you are using your weighbridge correctly.


weighbridge calibration


Avoid those heavy fines and loss of crucial business! Contact us or call 0114 321 6364 to book your calibration test.


*subject to the weighbridge electronics being used.



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