Weighbridge Repairs, Conversions & Upgrades


"My weighbridge is broken, what can I do?"



Weighbridge Services Ltd are not in the business of selling you a new weighbridge if we feel it isn't necessary. In most cases, to get a weighbridge back up and running, it just requires a bit of TLC. 


There are 3 options to consider, other than replacement, based on the issue at hand. We can provide an on-site evaluation service to see what the best option for your equipment will be. Give us a call if you think you would benefit from any of the alternative options.



Weighbridge Repair

  • Repairs

Where a weighbridge structure is salvageable and a cost effective repair will give at least another 5 years minimum life span then we can offer a full repair service. With our mobile workshop vans we can cover most repair work on-site meaning less down-time for your business.   

We don’t stop at the weighbridge structure either. If your weighbridge cable or even foundations have seen better days, we can quote for repairs on these as well.


weighbridge conversion before weighbridge conversion removal Weighbridge conversion after
Mechanical weighbridge at end of life  Removal of damages plates and beams New beams installed and converted to a new modern electronic weighbridge
  • Conversions

Is your weighbridge down due to a technical fault with the load cells or junction box? Is your current supplier advising to replace every load cell for the same price that you could buy a new weighbridge? Do you feel that you have to oblige due to you being in a contract? This is not always the case. 

We can provide conversion kits which allow an open-market system to be installed on most existing weighbridge structures. This can include:

  • Load cells
  • Weight display (indicator)
  • Printer
  • Junction box
  • Cable



  • Upgrades

Do you have to keep re-booting your old weight display? Are the buttons on your display and printer so worn they no longer work? Has your system had one to many cups of tea spilled over it? It’s probably time to invest in new electronics. 

Having new electronics doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds. We can tailor our touch screen weight displays to suit your requirements. From a simple button press for in and out weighing to a multitude of database entries either selectable on-screen or manually entered on each transaction we can set up the perfect system for your operation. In a lot of cases we have found the latest technology simpler to use than the existing old tech which makes re-training the weighbridge operators a piece of cake.    



What is open market?

Open market is a term used where the parts or goods are available from a multitude of suppliers and can be worked on by anyone on the industry. We do not tie you into overpriced replacement, spares and repair commitments. The best part about open market systems is that they are more competitively priced than an item that is only sold by a certain party due to ‘price wars’ within the marketplace.



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