"I need a weighbridge, where do I start?"


There are many factors involved in purchasing a weighbridge. There are simple ways to decide which is the best option for your project by asking yourself some simple questions:


    • Location - What is the best spot for a weighbridge on my site?


    • Accessibility - Can vehicles easily access and leave my site with a weighbridge in place?


    • Legalities - Will I be buying and selling my goods based on weight? 


    • Usage - What type of vehicles will use my weighbridge and how many times a day?


Once you have an understanding of the type of weighbridge you are looking for, the next question is "what is the difference between the available types of weighbridges?". 

There are many weighbridge designs available on the market but in general terms of installation there are 2 distinct versions, pit mounted and surface mounted. Each type of weighbridge installation has their has their own pros and cons which we have highlighted in the list below:


surface mounted weighbridge pit mounted weighbridge
Surface Mounted  Pit Mounted 

Minimal Foundation costs

In-House civils team available for foundation requirements



Easy To Maintain

Maintenance is regularly required to keep the weighbridge fully operational

No drainage required

Drainage and pumps required to remove excess slurry and liquids from the pit floor

No plant required for maintenance or repairs

Lifting equipment will be required for maintenance or repairs

Larger footprint due to ramps being required

Minimal overall footprint 

May reduce turning circles or restrict access on smaller sites

Maximises turning circles and allows multi directional access to site



Now you have the information you require to decide which weighbridge to choose, the major question about your purchase will be "how much will it cost me?".

We have made this question easy for you to answer without the endless phone calls and confusing sales jargon! You can build your own weighbridge package by visiting our Weighbridge Quote Builder and entering the package you require to get an estimated value.


"Ok, I have my estimate. Why should I buy from Weighbridge Services Ltd?"

The first thing we hope you notice about Weighbridge Services Ltd is that we are very customer friendly. As much as we would love you to have a brand new, top of the line package this is not always achievable in todays climate. That is my we also provide advice, information and pricing on pre-owned weighbridges and also the option to hire a weighbridge rather than purchase. We won't try to push you into a sale but we will give you great, quality information to take away whilst you decide on your purchase.


View our weighbridge Range:


Heavy Duty Weighbridges Low Cost Weighbridge Weighbridge Hire Pre-Owned and Refurbished Weighbridges
Heavy Duty Weighbridges Low Cost Weighbridge Hire Weighbridges Pre-Owned/Refurbished Weighbridges




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