Calibration, Testing & Verification of weighbridges

My weighbridge is working,why should I have it tested? 

Although your weighbridge is working it doesn't necessarily mean it’s working correctly. A weighbridge could be weighing heavy or light without any visible warning meaning you could be losing hundreds or even thousands of pounds per year.

For example:

A farmer is selling 2,000kgs of potatoes per day. They’re unaware that the weighbridge is weighing 100kg light. It doesn’t sound a lot but lets break it down:

  • They think they’re selling 2,000kg of potatoes at 20p per kg (£400 total)
  • They’re actually loading 2,100kg of potatoes, losing £20 per load
  • They’re selling 30 loads per calendar month, losing £600.00 per month.
  • Per Year they’re losing £7,200.00!!

Could you afford to lose so much money on such a small difference?

Without warning, Trading Standards are also able to visit any site that uses a weighbridge for the purpose of buying and/or selling products based on weight. If they do attend site they will test the weighbridge and if they find it is not within their tolerances they will deem the weighbridge illegal, stop you from using it and in some cases fine you. This can be extremely costly for any business, especially in todays economy where time is money. In some cases this has been known to shut down businesses for weeks due to availability of test units in some areas.

How can we prevent this from happening to your business?

Weighbridge Services provide a full calibration service to all weighbridge make and models. On our open market systems, we can also provide OIML Trade Use Verification allowing you to buy and sell based on your weights.

We also provide Annual Service and Maintenance Contracts which offer two visits per year. This includes one preventative maintenance & health check visit and one visit including a certified test unit, for full calibration, and health check making sure your weighbridge maintains optimum performance throughout the year. We offer an easy monthly payment schedule and can even cover for labour and replacements parts on any faulty equipment supplied by us. 

Avoid those heavy fines and loss of crucial business! Contact us or call 0114 321 6364 to book your calibration or arrange a service contract for your current weighing machines.




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