Calibration Testing & Verification of Weighbridges


My weighbridge is working, why should I have it tested? 


Although your weighbridge is working it doesn't necessarily mean it’s working correctly. A weighbridge could be weighing heavy or light without any visible warning meaning you could be losing thousands of pounds without even knowing.


How does that affect my business? 

  • You sell a high value product at £3.50 per kg.
  • Your weighbridge is weighing 20kg light.
  • You think you have loaded your vehicle with 1 tonne (1,000kg) of product when in reality you have loaded 1,020kg.
  • For every 1 tonne of product you sell you are giving away £70.00 of FREE product!!!
  • Now....imagine doing this 10 times a day......for a year.  

Could you afford to lose so much money on such a small difference?


My weighbridge is MAKING me money, why should I care?

Your weighbridge could be making you money which sounds great however your customers may not think so if they find out. If your customer re-weighs your product and finds out that you are selling them less than you say you are, Trading Standards can be involved and they are legally able to spot test a weighbridge that is being used for the purpose of buying and/or selling products based on weight. If their test shows it is weighing out of tolerance they will condemn the weighbridge until it is rectified. This means they will stop your ability to weigh product which, in most cases, means you can no longer trade. They may also impose a heavy fine for 'unknowingly' using an uncalibrated weighbridge which mean even more unwanted loss for your business. In some cases this could even close you down for good. Ignorance is not an excuse and definitely not worth the risk


How do we prevent any of this from happening?

Weighbridge Services provide a full calibration test service to all weighbridge makes and models.


We also provide Annual Service and Maintenance Contracts which offer two visits per year. This includes one preventative maintenance & health check visit and one visit including a calibration check with certified weights, making sure your weighbridge maintains optimum performance throughout the year. We offer an easy monthly payment schedule and can even cover for labour and replacements parts on any faulty equipment supplied by us. 


We use our weighbridge for internal weighing but now we want to trade. How do we do this?

We can also provide OIML Trade Use Verification allowing you to buy and sell, based on your weights, safely and with piece of mind that you are using your weighbridge correctly.




Avoid those heavy fines and loss of crucial business! Contact us or call 0114 321 6364 to book your calibration test.




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